Am I Pregnant?

Find Out With The "Am I Pregnant" Quiz!

So you think you might be pregnant? No problem. Don't waste time going to the doctor or taking a store bought pregnancy test, simply fill out the online pregnancy quiz and find out for sure.

The "am I pregnant" quiz will let you know immediately if you're pregnant - just answer these 5 simple quiz questions:

How do I know if I'm pregnant?
Just answer the simple Am I Pregnant quiz below:

1. Did you have sex with protection?
a)  Yes, I'm not trying to get pregnant
b)  No, I AM trying to get pregnant.
c)  No, I'm just stupid and take chances
d)  Yes of course, I had my gun with me the whole time.

2. Were you on top or bottom?
a)  I'm Catholic - so it was missionary style.
b)  On Top, duh, cuz of gravity.
c)  Multiple positions, but I jumped up and down afterwards.
d)  Let's just say "other" and leave it at that.

3. Is there currently a baby inside of you?
a)  Yes.. why am I taking this quiz?
b)  Isn't this quiz supposed to tell me that?
c)  Nope, I'm just fat.
d)  I Hope not

4. Is the alleged father avoiding you?
a)   Nope, he doesn't know yet
b)   Only since I told him I thought I was pregnant.
c)   Haven't seen him since that night.
d)   I've got in narrowed down to a couple possible fathers.

5. Did you miss your period?
a)   Not sure, haven't ever had one
b)   Yes but that happens all the time.
c)   Only the last one since I had sex.
d)   It's weird, I haven't had one in 6 months and now I'm fat.

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